Amazing New York City Parks To Go With Family

NYC family photographersWant to spend a really good time with your family, then surely a visit to NYC Park will provide you this great opportunity. Try to go there at any weekend to release your tension & fill a positive aura. NYC parks are attracting a lot of visitors because of the features & quality they provide. You will always have a positive experience during your visit to these parks. In fact, you can decide to go for a picnic or through your kids party.

In some NYC Parks concerts, workshops are even organized providing a lot of exposure to your kid. They will surely learn a  lot of things & ultimately your both purposes would be served at a time.

Definitely all will have a great fun, especially kids. So go ahead and become a kid with your kid. I am going to provide you the detail of some NYC park so that you can decide as per your choice.  

    1. Battery Park

The park situated at the southern tip of Manhattan offers really beautiful gardens and excellent views. From a single spot, you can see New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty and the Staten Island Ferry. When you go here check out the Labyrinth, a spiral made of shrubbery, and the circular stone fountain at the Bosque.  Revisit the Battery's storied history at the 200-plus-year-old Castle Clinton, a national monument. As it  is  the sustainable and organic Battery Urban Farm, kids can even plant and harvest their own food through occasional festivals, workshops or summer programs. 

    2. Madison Square Park

It was a highly desirable place when it opened in 1847 and is now a beautiful oasis. It hosts a series of summer concerts, including the incredibly popular Mad. Sq. Kids series & other events. It offers more Mad. Sq. Kids activities throughout the summer until October making kids more active. The kids can play at the Police Officer Moira Ann Smith Playground which have a lot of sprinklers and a 15-foot waterwheel during the hot summer season. Getting snacks is also easy here as the Shake Shack, a summer favorite for burgers, fries & shakes is nearby. You will surely enjoy here by exploring deeply hidden talent of your kids.

    3. Pier 6 Playground

It is situated on a pier that just a few years ago was considered no-man’s-land. It can be said that this park has changed the Brooklyn waterfront incredibly. It has become a new go-to destination for families. Taking its cue from Hudson-fronting playgrounds like those of Pier 51 and Pier 25, it up  the all with a number of awesome amenities.  

The Water Lab, a stone-strewn area with water underfoot to splash in, water tables and a spinning water wheel, and Sand Village, a huge sandbox with molecular-looking climbing structure and flanked by two long metal slides are its additional features.  Adding to them clean bathrooms, a food court where families can find the likes of fresh milkshakes and hot dogs, and even spots for fishing and beach volleyball.  As there’s not much room for improvement so you really need to visit this ultimate park.

    4. Tom Otterness Playground

The theme of this park is totally different. If your kids have ever scaled a statute then the usual response is sure that don't touch that. But Tom Otterness' whimsical public sculpture is made just for kids. Here climbing, swinging and sliding are actually welcome. Basically, it offers 3 slides, ladders, and a tower. To check out more of the artist's famed works, you need to ride over to the 14th St Subway station. Silver Towers on 42nd St between 11th and 12th avenues. Go ahead to have a great fun.

    5. Teardrop Park

Like many things in Battery Park City, this wide playground reveals the kind of personality which comes from thoughtful & imaginative design. Once you go there you will notice that the park feels like an ancient piece of land around which tall modern skyscrapers were built. Kids are mainly attracted by its wild side and the sense of discovery it awakens. Canopied paths, huge grassy lawns, small rocky mountains, and the rocks surrounding the water-play spot make it look more like a natural spring than part of a playground. 

     6. Heckscher Playground

The Central Park’s oldest & largest playground is also one of its best, top-to-bottom renovation (it reopened in 2006). It cleverly connects to Umpire Rock, the Manhattan schist outcropping behind it. Here kids not only get to cross a stone pyramid but, also crossing a small bridge, and an actual cliff, too. All this made it a perfect place for a picnic. There are a lot of swings which makes it even more exciting. The colorful, rubber-topped humps change up the usual flat landscape and divide the area for smaller kids.

    7. Gantry Plaza State Park Playground

It is situated at the foot of the Pepsi sign in Long Island City. This new playground in Gantry Plaza State Park (opened in 2010) is worth visiting for lots of reasons. Here the state of the art play equipment includes the spinning, egg-like saucers, a huge spider-web to climb and three play structures. The ground is covered with colorful rubber. If all that aren’t enough, then don’t forget that the Gantry State Park itself is stunning.


Don’t miss a chance to go at such amazing park. For every weekend, you can choose a different park to visit depending upon their proximity.



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