Maternity Clothing Tips to Have a Stylish 9 Months Ahead

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Maternity is the best phase in every woman’s life. It is often said that a woman completes herself after giving birth to her infant. It is just like the rebirth of a woman. By reading the first two lines, we can easily conclude that how much importance this phase of 9 months holds in the life of all woman.

So why not making this phase more beautiful by buying proper maternity clothes? They will not only provide you a comfort-zone but will also add a unique touch to your personality.


According to some surveys, some shocking results had come in front that:

So I am sharing some tips which can help you to take crucial decision regarding maternity clothes. Also sharing some wonderful ideas in which you need not buy all maternity clothes.


    Tip 1: Check The Fabric First

A most important factor which should be given consideration is the Fabric. When you are thinking to buy maternity clothes hoping that they will last long; choose a high-quality, well-made item. Best maternity clothes are made with strong, stretchy material that will grow with you. They will be supportive to your body changes.

So look for Natural fabrics such as cotton, modal, and bamboo are soft and breathable. Check out breathability, softness, durability & stretching ability in a high-quality, comfortable maternity clothes. These will help you to face pregnancy hot flashes and itchiness easily. Clothes made up of natural materials provides the stretchiness, support, and shape retention which is needed to accommodate body as it changes.

Avoid: Please note that the Maternity clothes should not be a "permanent press" or "wrinkle-free."Some fabrics are treated with chemicals like formaldehyde & are dangerous to both pregnant women and their babies. So you should also avoid synthetics like polyester that hold heat to the skin and any clothing with dyes. Such a type of fabrics can make you very uncomfortable and  so there is no use of  buying them.


    Tip 2: Daily Wear Are Worth To Buy

The most common complaints about buying maternity clothes is that the poorly made maternity clothes fall apart quickly in the first wash, they shrink & don't retain shape after laundering, slip down over your belly, ride up, make you too hot, uncomfortable and itchy. So as you are spending a lot of money you need to focus on the quality of clothes rather than quantity.

Try to buy maternity clothes as per your daily requirement. Some everyday favorites which can become a part of your wardrobe are:


Tip 3: Styles Which You Would Love To Wear

If you're not having any idea about the style of Maternity dress then below mentioned style will surely serve your purpose. These styles will look great with your growing baby bump and you will find you have invested in the right direction.

1. A-Line Shirts and Dresses:

As A-line or empire waist shirts & dresses flow away from your tummy, most of the woman likes them. This comfortable style has a seam right under the bust, so it have a plenty of room for an expanding midsection. Buying it would be an economical deal as one piece may fit you for most of your pregnancy. In fact, A-line tops and dresses can be worn after giving birth to the baby.

2. Feminine Shirts:

We know that the Pregnancy requires comfortable clothes, but it can also be a great to reveal your feminine side. Most of the women like to wear florals, girlie colors dresses to add a different look to their pregnancy. So it would be great if you choose shirts with longer hemlines in the front to cover your expanding belly & provide a room for your upper part.

3. The Layered Look:

 It is quiet obvious that your body temperature will vary during your pregnancy due to weather & internal body changes. As you will probably feel increasingly warm as the months pass, so dressing in layers style will help keep you to feel more comfortable. You can wear your regular cardigans, blazers, and denim jacket unbuttoned & thus you will only need to buy inexpensive maternity or stretchy tops and T-shirts to wear underneath.


    Tip 4: Can Take From Friends

It’s not necessary that you should have all maternity clothes of your own. You can ask friends who have recently had a baby to borrow her  maternity clothes to you & thus you need not to buy all your maternity clothes. You can even share and swap your maternity clothes with a friend who is also pregnant.


    Tip 5: Build on a Strong Foundation

It’s natural that any woman wouldn't dream of going out of the house with a poor-fitting lingerie. So don't do it during your pregnancy too. Maternity lingerie is also important for your body changes and feeling your best. Without the right inner garments, your tops and dresses aren't going to look as great as they could and you're going to be quite uncomfortable. As your body shape is changes throughout your pregnancy you should not hesitate about buying suitable garments. High-quality maternity garments aren't cheap. But you should not ignore the hanging requirement of your body. Treat your body with a great care throughout pregnancy (and breastfeeding) It will help you to have less suffering pain, aching, and other problems. Also you will feel totally feminine & looking your best.


    Tip 6: For A Change Try Your Partner's Clothes

When you are having few maternity dress & you need to go office then you can try your guy’s plain or white shirts. Even at night you can use his loose T-shirts & they would b e great to sleep.


    Other Useful Great Tip

"BellaBands" or say abdominal support belts, maternity belts, belly wraps, belly band or support hose It's a stretchy fabric band that overlaps the top of your unzipped or low-slung jeans, pants, and skirts and holds them up while leaving room for your growing belly.  Using belly band can solve a lot of your issues.


Final Sayings:

Hoping these tips will help you to buy best maternity clothes & has resolved a lot of queries.



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