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I very well know that the act of sending and receiving Christmas cards is favorite of all holiday traditions. We all want just love seeing how our family & friends have changed and grown throughout the year.  It reminds us that in this busy life we are still connected., even if we don’t always have a chance to catch up.

As Christmas is about to come, so I thought I would like to share some simple tips for taking a great Christmas card photo despite the fact whichever type of camera you are using.


Here collection of tips begins:

     1. Tip: Know Your Card

Firstly have an idea in your mind about the format of Christmas cards you want to use. Decide that if you are  planning to give away a postcard type or a calendar type with more than one picture or a simple two-fold card with a nice Christmas photo on the cover. By knowing your card, you will get an idea about the type & number of pictures for the purpose.

     2. Tip: Plan ahead

It’s good if you have planned a little bit ahead to get the desired photo. Think of what you want to be the central focus of your Christmas card. Imagine that what you will wear, whether you will use props or not for photos, where those shot will be taken, and what sort of poses you will use. All this will surely help you take best photo.

    3. Tip: Choose a Unique Festive Background

It’s time to show your creativity as per the subject you've decided. In Christmas photo as you want to show the unique bonding of family, so don’t bother much about the setting, props, or clothing to be the main attraction of your photo. Look for a background that don’t have many distractions and it is as per your Christmas theme. Eg, if you want to have your family pictures taken by the fireplace then make sure you set it up to look festive.

    4. Tip: The Lighting

I firstly had thought to put this tip first because as we all know that it is By far the most important element of getting a great photograph.  So it’s my advice that unless you are a professional photographer, you should only take your family photographs in natural light as you are not having professional lighting equipment.  Natural light does not mean direct sunlight it means you want bright. Indirect lighting.

You should not take Outdoor photographs under direct sunlight, as it only causes shadows. So here tip is that while doing it pay close attention to odd shadows and streaks of light that can filter through trees or buildings. I have observed that the best time of day for Outdoor photos at any place without a lot of shade is the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset.

Indoor photographs should be taken in a naturally bright location if as possible, with the subjects facing the window.  Make it sure there is no direct sunlight coming in through the window.  And please Do Not Use A Flash, Just Turn It Off. The flashes on most cameras immediately ruin a nice shot, adding harsh lighting, shadows, & red-eye.

    5. Tip: Be Patient With Kids

As kids will be kids, so stop putting a lot of pressure on them to pose and smile only at the right moment. In some cases trying this makes the situation horrible. So it’s better if you use different tactics for taking natural pictures.

If your kids have trouble looking at the camera, so having a point of focus other than the lens can help. You can try it by putting a stuffed animal to the top of your head, or taking help of others. It’s obvious that pictures of siblings interacting–smiling at each other, holding hands, kissing on the cheek, hugging are always really awesome and are far more natural-looking than forced poses.

    6. Tip: Capture Plenty Of Shots

Be more dynamic during your shooting session. Once when you're ready to take pictures, don't be trapped with only a single frame in your mind. Try zoom in and take macro shots of your subject, shoot from a different angle and more. It will give you more choices for your Christmas card afterward. So don’t forget to do it.

    7. Tip: Don't Match To Get A Different Look

Keep one thing more in mind if you are bored with the same pattern of Christmas Card Photo that you don't need to dress your entire family in matching outfits. Instead, have everyone wear clothing in coordinating colors or similar tones. Also consider the color of the background you are using for the photo.

     8. Tip: Double Check The Background

It’s really good if you check once again the background before taking final pictures. Like you want your child's hair and clothing to be just right, don't forget about the background. Any piece of trash,  any other out-of-place object can easily ruin the perfect Christmas card photo. So make sure there's nothing in the background which can spoil your perfect shot.

      9. Tip: Crop Edit

You can bring a lot of changes in your photos to add more beautiful touch or you think that your photos really needs it. There are lots of applications which provides you free features for editing. Here are some of my most common edits:

    §  Cropping-  can be helpful if you need to zoom in or adjust the subject as per your requirement. Just remember that as you crop, you lose photo quality so don’t crop much.

    §  Exposure - will brighten your photos, also increase contrast a little as well.

    §  Effects- PicArts & Pic Monkey has a lot of fun photo effects and filters to choose from.  

    §  Touch Up- provides options like eye brighten, teeth whitening, wrinkle remover etc.

    §  Add Text- Easily add a holiday message to you photo–this is a great option if you’d rather just order regular prints to send along with a family letter.

    §  Frames- use any type of frame as per your wish.

At Last:

It’s the most precious gift which you can give to your friends & family. So if you decide to make your own cards instead of purchasing store-made ones, you'd want your Christmas photos to be extra special. These above shared some tips for taking great Christmas pictures will surely gonna help you.



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